Attn: Honeybees 2022 Kdg thru 2nd grade will practice, Tuesday Aug. 23rd after school at Hendry Park until 5:00pm. 3rd thru 5th will practice , Wednesday, Aug. 24 at Hendry Park until 5:00pm. ***You must come inside to pick up your child.***
4 months ago, Jennifer Craig
We're excited to see you tonight at the opening game of the season and the first game at our new field! The kids fun zone and food trucks start at 4:30, and kickoff is at 7:00! Stay to the end for fireworks! #Apride #ShareOurStory
4 months ago, Chantell Manahan
flags at the new stadium entrance
inflated bounce house
concession stand with purple and gold awning
football field and scoreboard
Hendry Park Elementary : We are making some adjustments to car riders to make this work!! Remember to line up around the block in Reddington heights using Crestview to wrap around... an officer will be available today to help with directing traffic!! Parents we will only have 6 cones to load to cut down on time and to move students faster to line up! For safety reasons Do not go around loading cars!! Be patient!
4 months ago, Hendry Park Elementary
Don't forget to join us tonight at the new turf football field and track as we celebrate its Grand Opening! We hope to see you 6-8 PM at the Football/Track Complex behind the Middle School! #Apride #ShareOurStory
4 months ago, MSD of Steuben County
Turf football field, purple and gold sideline and a gold A in the center
It’s been a full week of learning for these new teachers to MSDSC! We finished off New Teacher Academy today with a bus tour of the community, and a lunch with administrators. #APride
4 months ago, Jonathan Winslow
A group of new teachers that will be joining the MSDSC team
All Hendry Park class lists will be posted on the doors at noon today.
4 months ago, Hendry Park Elementary
Hendry Park Kindergarten Open House!
4 months ago, Hendry Park Elementary
parents and teachers sitting at tables I. the cafeteria .
parents gathered I a room sitting at tables
The MSD of Steuben County team served up some ice cream at Scoops today for a great cause--supporting Riley Children's Health! #Apride
5 months ago, Chantell Manahan
A man and a woman pose and smile standing at a counter
A man and a woman sit at a small round table and pose and smile while holding cups of ice cream
A man and a woman in purple and gold Angola hornets t-shirts pose and smile
Four women in purple and gold Angola Hornets T shirts pose with smiles behind an ice cream freezer
Many dedicated early literacy teachers attended a workshop this morning to discuss their reading instruction for next year. The collaboration was top notch! #APride
6 months ago, Jonathan Winslow
teachers around a table discussing
teachers around a table discussing
teachers around a table discussing
Our district and building leaders ate lunch together today before digging into an awesome first day of strategic planning! We can't wait to continue the planning tomorrow! Big things are coming in 22-23! #Apride
6 months ago, Chantell Manahan
One woman writes on chart paper at the front of the room. Others contribute ideas from around the table.
People gathered around a table eating lunch
Hendry Park Staff would like to Congratulate our 5th grade students, as they move on to Middle School next year! Best of Luck to you all, you are loved and will be missed. Be Safe and have a Wonderful Summer! Class of 2029 !!
6 months ago, Jennifer Craig
Students standing on a wooden playground set
English Language Learners celebrated the end of the school year this week! Congratulations to students on their English proficiency growth throughout this school year and achievement in their ACCESS scores!
6 months ago, Jennifer Craig
3 students Holding Awards
Students in a classroom having a celebration
Students and teachers standing in front of a school
Mrs. Ulbrich owner of Caleo Cafe and JA volunteer, invited Hendry park 3rd grade students to end their Junior Achievement with a sweet treat, and a cool drink!
6 months ago, Jennifer Craig
Kids sitting at a table enjoying snacks
Class sitting by a brick wall with Teacher
Students posing by artwork outside
Students standing in front of a business on the sidewalk
Mayor Hickman visited Hendry park 3rd grade students along with Junior Achievement Representative Mrs. Ulbrich. Mayor Hickman presented Hendry Park their Certificate of Completion for the JA program.
6 months ago, Jennifer Craig
Mayor, Teacher and student pose for a picture.
Mayor speaking in a room to students
Mrs. Brandt helped students in Kindergarten learn some jump rope tricks!
7 months ago, Jennifer Craig
1 adult and some children holding jump ropes outside of a building.
Thank you INDOT for your generous donation of bike helmets for EVERY K, 1st and 2nd grade student to promote bike safety!! Parents and guardians please look for helmets to be coming home this week or next. Stay safe Roadrunners!!
7 months ago, Jennifer Craig
Orange Backpacks hanging on hooks on a wall.
We're thrilled to announce the new app for MSDSC! It's everything MSDSC, in your pocket. Download for Android Download for iPhone
7 months ago, MSD of Steuben County
Screenshots of the new MSDSC app
Student Council Members stand in front of the New Book Box delivered to Hendry Park! Student Council will be in charge of maintaining the box that was made by Jeff Thiele.
7 months ago, Jennifer Craig
Boys and girls standing in front of a wooden box
Thank you Bailey and Wood for the teacher appreciation lunch!! The Staff loved them!!
7 months ago, MSD of Steuben County
The principal holds a Jimmy John's boxed lunch standing with two other people
Mrs. Craig is ready to show the stars! Students are learning in the digitarium/starlab
7 months ago, MSD of Steuben County
Digitarium Dome in the library