Hendry Park will have a menu change for tomorrow Monday, 3/13/23. Choices will be either PBJ or chicken sandwich!
8 days ago, Hendry Park Elementary
Don't forget to adjust your clocks tonight before bed!
9 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Yellow Clock on a purple backgroound, reminder of daylight savings time
Due to the continued slick roads, we will have a live eLearning day today! We will follow the same schedules as last Friday! We'll see you on Google Meet soon! #Apride
10 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
A boy in a red hoodie and headphones works on a computer
Attention parents! Check out the information for AKL Baseball and Softball Registrations!
12 days ago, Hendry Park Elementary
registration form
registration form
Our Focus groups read stories and articles about hockey and ice skating. Miss Foy from Mrs. Baird's class is on the figure skating team. She and one of the hockey coaches from Trine did a presentation at Hendry for our students. Trine provided tickets for our students and their families to see the women's hockey team play and the figure skating team performed at intermission.
14 days ago, Hendry Park Elementary
Staff at Trine
Students at Trine
Students at Trine
Trine student
Trine hockey & Figure skating
Students listening to Trine students
students listening to Trine student
Trine student and staff
Storms, internet and power out, oh my! Our tech team is working through the night and weekend so we're ready for Monday! "Had to vacate all vm's and restart. Now going server to server, restarting to check discs. It will take all day and then the physical servers after that."
16 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Gray pop up box in front of a standard blue Windows screen
Students will be joining their teachers for live learning today. Here is a quick reminder of how to do that. https://watch.screencastify.com/v/bnaBWnN5lbqQNBOHKO0z
17 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Today, 3/3/2023, will be our first Live eLearning Day. Here, you will find our attendance procedures and schedules for all Live eLearning days.
17 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Attendance Options
Elementary Schedule
AMS Schedule
AHS Schedule
We will be closing today and implementing an elearning day. Models show heavy snow beginning at 11. We want to be sure our students get home safely during the afternoon travel time. This will be our first LIVE eLearning day! We'll see you soon on Google Meet!
17 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
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Hello Hendry Park Families! On March 14th, MSD will be holding Kindergarten Round up at Central Gym from 8:00 am- 7:00pm. If you have a child or know someone that has a child that will turn 5 years old on or before August 1st 2023, then they need to come register their child for Kindergarten. Please bring your child's birth certificate, proof of residency and your child's immunization record with you. Your child does not have to attend.
18 days ago, Rosemarie Brandt
Please tell your friends, family, and neighbors about MSDSC's kindergarten round up happening at the MSD of Steuben County Central Gym on March 14th, 2023 from 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Parents need to bring legal birth certificate, proof of residency, and immunization records. Thanks for spreading the word.
19 days ago, Hendry Park Elementary
Check out the March Hendry Park Roadrunner Review on FB and Twitter.
19 days ago, Rosemarie Brandt
We have updated our calendar to reflect the two extra days needed to make up for last week's ice storm. The new last day for students is Wednesday, May 24! https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/2936/MSDSC/2821356/22-23_UPDATED_MSDSC_NEW_calendar_.xlsx_-_Full_2019.pdf
20 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
So many exciting things happening at Hendry Park this week. We had a very special guest start off the week, by reading to all students, Mayor Hickman! Lots of fun activities planned and organized by our wonderful Hendry Park PTO, for Read Across America week! A read-A-Thon, spirit days, surprise guest readers, and so much more!
20 days ago, Hendry Park Elementary
mayor reading to students
Mayor reading to kids
We will be closed tomorrow, with no e-learning. Crews are still working to clear debris and to restore power to the rest of the community. Makeup days are needed for the 2 days we have closed. Updates to the calendar will come soon. Stay safe, and we'll see you next week! #Apride
25 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Change of plans! Outages are widespread. With no concrete timeline for restoration, we are closing today, no virtual learning. We will likely have to add a day to our year; more info on this to come. Say safe+warm today, and we hope we can get back to a normal day tomorrow!
25 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Due to the effects of the storm, we are having an e-learning day. This is the most unconventional e-learning day in our history. Teachers will do their best to post lessons as usual. Teachers will communicate if they are available for the live learning or if they are not available due to power outages. Please be patient as we navigate today together. While not ideal, we hope that we can continue learning today!
25 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Due to the freezing rain, we're starting with a two hour delay schedule today. Stay safe, and we'll see you soon! #Apride
26 days ago, MSD of Steuben County
Hendry park is so proud of a fellow 3rd grade student, Derek! In an emergency situation, he bravely took the steps to call 911 and get help for someone who had an emergency! Derek showed bravery and courage. Hendry Park Elementary could'nt be prouder of you! Great Job!
27 days ago, Hendry Park Elementary
News paper article
Happy Presidents' Day
28 days ago, Austin Van
Happy Presidents' Day