Welcome back Hendry Park Roadrunners!! These past 2 ½ weeks have been refreshing and rewarding to see everyone again. Guidance lessons have not yet kicked off, but both Mrs. Sparks and Miss Wilkinson met with all students grades 1-5 to learn “S’MORE” about what the school counselors do. It was a great and fun interactive way to see all the students again and reintroduce ourselves. As we head into a new school year, there are a few reminders about keeping a consistent attendance rate… 1. Please be sure to get enough rest! Elementary students aged 6-12 need at least 9-12 hours of sleep per night. Be sure that when going to bed, electronics are used at a minimum and encourage your student to read a book instead. 2. Keep track of days missed. Chronic absenteeism is considered when a student has missed 10% or more out of 180 days of the school year. MSD of Steuben County provided magnets to help track up to 10 missed days of school. We understand that everyone has busy schedules but making sure your student is here at school is the best way for them to be engaged in and develop their education. 3. Contact the office, not the classroom teacher, before 9:00 AM when your student will be absent. If you know the night before, you can contact the school office at 260-665-3215 and leave a message for the secretaries. As the school year progresses, we look forward to spending time with your students and making their days at Hendry Park as fun as possible, but most importantly, safe. If you need to reach out to the counselors, please do so at your convenience. Miss Wilkinson, School Counselor Mrs. Sparks, School Counselor Letters A-K Letters L-Z